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Independent Contractor/Employee Agreements Specialized Attorney in Europe. Whether you want to hire an employee or retain the services of a third party in Europe, it may be in your best interest to put it in writing. It is crucial that you identify the roles and expectations of both parties. It is also crucial that you identify whether the person retained is an independent contractor or an employee from a state law perspective and from an IRS perspective for tax purposes in Europe. Who qualifies as an independent contractor from a legal perspective is dependent on state specific factors. Sometimes the IRS definition is different than the state law definition. It is really important to understand that. Do not download a form online and assume that your interests are covered. They are likely not

  • Contracts
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Contract/Legal Document Review

Joint Ventures/Partnerships
Do you plan to get into business with `another person or with another company? You have options!! There is no one size fit all and so it’s really important to talk to a business lawyer in Europe who can help you think of all the risks associated with joint venture and help you make the best decision from there. The manner in which you form this relationship can be tricky, contact Our Specialized Attorney in Europe, we can help you strategize on the best route to take.
Other Contracts
Not sure what you need? or if you need a contract at all? Contact our contract law lawyer sohe help you flush out the deal points and help you protect yourself from the onset of the business transaction. Do not give away your leveraging power unknowingly!!
Monthly Retainers
It is crucial for businesses to have lawyers on retainer. Legal issues not only impact the operation of your business, but also impact your bottom line. Monthly retainers allow you the flexibility to reach your attorney BEFORE you engage in any legal binding behavior that will only cost more to undo later on. Always remember that it is cheaper to be proactive than it is to be reactive.

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Independent Contractor/Employee Agreements Specialized Attorney in Europe. Whether ...
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