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Antoine & Associates Law Firm (Corporate and Legal Consultant) was founded in 2009 with the view to provide quality legal services based on thorough knowledge and understanding of client concerns. The Firm is defined by the quality of its lawyers and the satisfaction of its clients. Success along both parameters is how we measure our progress and the value of our work. Antoine & Associates Law Firm (Corporate and Legal Consultant) has an open and approachable client-focused culture, with a determination to continually improve the quality of its services. Since the establishment of Antoine & Associates Law Firm (Corporate and Legal Consultant) we have progressed in various areas of practice. We provide the vital legal services in the Banking, civil, information technology, corporate, labor and taxation matters, family law etc and earned specialization in European Banking. Our assorted corporate clients have deposed their trust in us, which shows our experience and credibility.
We are expertise to draft legal documents, opinions and comments skillfully, with a relevant experience to handle complex matters pertaining to Criminal, Banking, Civil, Taxation, Labor, Trade Marks, Patents, Copyrights and Commercial laws in the courts. In addition to drafting of various kinds of legal documentation & legal opinions, we also represent our clients before various judicial, quasi-judicial forums/authorities including but not limited to Supreme Court, High Courts, Criminal Courts and Tribunals etc.

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we also realize that success is not contingent upon the lawyer.
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Our law firm prides itself with so many successful outcomes for our cherished clients.
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Our team of legal experts have the passion to serve all our respective clients
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We are not just a law firm. Antoine & Associates is a business ally, an integral adviser and a support team for all our client’s needs. We established our firm to offer high quality services both at national and international level, under a renewed professional proposal, endorsed on standards that guarantee options abilities, personal and permanent contact and quality results on every transaction we intervene.
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Our Professional Team

Antoine Charles Laurent
Founder and Ceo
Alina Kevin
Senior Attorney
Gregory Anker
Junior Attorney
Polard Andrew
Financial Attorney
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